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Rosen Plevneliev

Mr. Rosen Plevneliev is the former President of the Republic of Bulgaria from 2012 to 2017.

Until 2009 Plevneliev is a successful entrepreneur. Implemented more than 80 construction projects in Germany.

Plevneliev entered politics in 2009 serving as a minister of regional development and public works. He was elected President of the Republic of Bulgaria in November 2011.

Plevneliev initiated the National Development Programme Bulgaria 2020 and the Bulgaria 2030 debate. He set long-term national priorities such as innovations, e-government, e-voting, ambitious modernization programme, connectivity, vocational education system, long-term public planning, energy efficiency, liberalization and diversification. He established and is the patron of the first innovation ecosystem and the first hi-tech park in Bulgaria and on the Balkans – Sofia Tech Park.

Plevneliev is patron of hi-tech industries such as Information and Communication Technologies, outsourcing and automotive.

Visit Plevneliev’s Official Website for more information.


Fighting for the wild nature of Bulgaria – can we live in peace?


Boyan Petrov

Boyan Petrov is the most famous Bulgarian mountain climber.

The 45 years old Boyan is also biologist and zoologist, working at the National Museum of Natural History in Sofia.

In his career as an adventurer and climber he has climbed 10 eight-thousanders, and all of these summits – without supplementary oxygen. This achievement makes him the Bulgarian climber with the highest number of peaks over 8000 meters in history. In addition to his diabetes Boyan is a cancer survivor. Just a couple of years ago he also survived a severe car crash.

His lecture at the annual SCIJ event will present the variety of the Rhodopi Mountains under the headline “Fighting for the wild nature of Bulgaria – can we live in peace?”.

Visit Boyan Petrov’s Official Website for more information.


Rose Oil Production – Tradition vs Modern Times


Nikolay Nenkov, Galen-N

Nikolay Nenkov – Rose oil producer and exporter.

Galen-N is a leading Bulgarian producer and trader of essential oils and floral waters, concretes and absolutes, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), dry phyto extracts and rose oil capsules. The company is one of the biggest suppliers of Bulgarian rose, lavender and melissa oils, floral waters, concretes and absolutes.

Galen-N’s products are widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, perfumery, chemical and food industries.

Over 60 years of tradition and know-how in essential oils and natural extracts production has been upgraded with modern production equipment and facilities.



SCIJ General Assembly

SCIJ Election Time

It’s that decisionmaking time of the year yet again. We’ll be electing a new SCIJ President and Secretary General and taking further some important decisions about the future of our Club as an influential international organization.
Think it through and be prepared for debate.